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Officially founded in 1998, BonoTom Studio, Inc. has its roots in a partnership that formed almost a decade earlier. We have an abiding passion for creating media that’s engaging, intriguing, and decadent to the eye, and our commitment to excellence has won us dozens of awards from Association Media & Publishing. We are excited to serve you.

A successful publication has a lot of moving parts, and pushing it over the finish line is a challenge. We’ve proven we’re up for that challenge—and then some—for three decades. We know how to stick with budgets and meet deadlines without compromising, which is what truly sets us apart from the competition. Thanks to all our experience, we know how to handle common sticking points and even major setbacks in the design and publishing processes. Each project is unique, and we have the capability to approach each with care while guiding them to success. From newsletters to magazines, we can do it all.

In our years as designers and publishers, we’ve worked with brand new publishers, long-time veterans, and everything in between. We just love what we do, and there’s nothing more exciting to us than making client visions into reality. Let us show you the possibilities!

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Tom Specht

Owner, Designer and
Business Manager

Tom graduated from Dartmouth College began working at the National Association of Home Builders as assistant editor and typesetter for BUILDER magazine, where he met Bono Mitchell, with whom he formed BonoTom Studio in 1998. Tom has taught electronic graphic design at Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland.

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Ken Ceccucci

Senior Art Director
Ken graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Art. He has worked in the Washington, DC area as a designer since 1980 and joined BonoTom Studio, Inc. in 1996 as senior designer.

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Paul Philpott

Senior Designer
Paul received his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech. He has worked on publications for more than 15 years. Paul joined our staff in 2007.

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Chris Specht

Graphic Designer and
Digital Specialist

Chris interned part-time with the studio while attending the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. In 2015, he joined the studio full-time and has been instrumental in launching the studio’s digital publishing platform.

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