Publication Design

Award-Winning Magazine Design

BonoTom Studio was built on magazine design. Since our first issue in 1989, we have elevated our clients’ magazines with high-impact design that is accessible to any budget. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the publishing process—providing not only layout and design services but also copyediting/proofreading, pre-press processing, print management, and post-production services.

The cover of electrical contractor magazine with a phone and tablet.

Media Kits That Convert

Attract potential advertisers with an enhanced media kit that leaves an impactful first impression. We can incorporate infographics and high-quality design elements to entice advertisers to spend their ad budget with your organization.

Functional Design for Scholarly Journals

Journal design, while similar to magazine design in many respects, requires striking the perfect balance between design and function. We ensure that all technical aspects of the journal—from scientific charts to unique equations—are easily consumed by your audience.

Fire protection engineering use of water based fixed fire fighting systems in tunnels.
The cover of the royal engineer journal.

Your Total Design Resource

As expert graphic designers, we can handle any project your organization encounters. Our clients often use our services for print advertisements, but our services extend beyond the magazine realm. From books, newsletters, and annual reports to digital advertising and social media posts, we deliver high-quality graphics for your association.

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